Octopus with Chickpea Salad

Grilled Octopus @ MP Taverna

Octopus is perhaps one of the most recognized of Greek dishes, but many people are afraid of it because they think it’s difficult to cook. The technique in this recipe solves that problem- it comes out beautifully tender. Once you have this technique down, you can add diced octopus to a cold seafood salad, or []

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Feta Stuffed Fig

Fig Stuffed with Feta Wrapped with Pasthourma

I love this incredibly easy meze because you get all the great flavors in one mouthful: barnyard/earthy (depending on the cheese), salty, sweet.  Wrap the figs the night before if you like.  Store in a covered container and bring back to room temperature before serving raw or searing as below.  If you can find really moist, dark purple dried figs, they can be substituted for fresh figs. Pasthourma is a heavily spiced version of bresaola, with a thick spice layer visible on the outside.